Resident Coordinators boost transparency and accountability for the UN’s development work

For the second year in a row, all Resident Coordinator's Offices produced annual UN Country Results Reports, enhancing visibility and transparency of the UN's in-country work

Focus shifted on ensuring consistent quality across countries and regions. Reports are increasingly comprehensive, data-driven and strategic. 

Resident Coordinator's Offices on whether the UNCT produced an annual Country Results Report on joint results covering the previous year (or part of the previous year)

Source: DESA survey of host Governments, 2023

DCO also made investments to improve the strategic use of the system-wide UN INFO platform

UN INFO now hosts digital platforms for:

Reporting on UN development system efficiencies

Tracking implementation of common premises and business operation strategies

Tracking who’s who in UN country teams and Resident Coordinator’s Offices


    In Indonesia more than 200 participants from 27 government agencies are now using UN INFO data to assess Cooperation Framework implementation progress. 


    Trinidad and Tobago

    In Trinidad and Tobago, UN INFO is contributing to the modernization of the data ecosystem, measurement and reporting of SDG achievements through the development of a digital SDG Data Repository.

    Trinidad and Tobago


    In Botswana, the Government uses UN INFO for real-time overviews of contributing partners/donors and implementing partners in different parts of the country.


    Evaluations of Cooperation Frameworks are further enhancing accountability and transparency

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    11 UN country teams concluded evaluations of their Cooperation Framework or UNDAF to inform the development of a new framework in 2023

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    7 evaluations initiated in 2023 are nearing completion 

    Resident Coordinators’ Offices on whether UNCTs with a Joint Communications Strategy aligned to the Cooperation Framework

    Source: UNINFO IMS, 2023

    Global campaigns for the SDGs are being implemented in countries


      In Honduras, creative podcasts are disseminating SDG awareness and action among youth


      Sao Tome e Principe

      In Sao Tome e Principe, mini-marathons are promoting healthy lifestyles and the SDGs

      Sao Tome e Principe


      In China, partnerships with traditional and social media companies boosted SDG awareness among youth with 42 million viewers of an online event


      The report's resource page can be found here, and the glossary here.

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