Enhanced development coordination improves UN team efficiency on the ground

Following the transition from UNDP's operational service, the Resident Coordination system continued to integrate with UN Secretariat service providers

The service transition has generated an estimated:

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US$4.5 million

in cost reductions in 2023

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US$1.1 million

increase from 2022

In 2023, UN Sustainable Development Group (UNDSG) entities reported an unprecedented level of efficiency gains: $553 million

Host governments increasingly appreciate the role of Resident Coordinators in ensuring efficient use of resources.


79% of host governments say the Resident Coordinator helps to minimize duplication of efforts among UN agencies, ensuring efficient use of resources


80% of host governments believe that Resident Coordinators ensure efficient use of resources by minimizing duplication across UN entities

Host governments on whether the RC helps minimize duplication of efforts among UN agencies, ensuring efficient use of resources

Source: DESA survey of host Governments, 2023

A major milestone in 2023 was the advancement of the first UN common back-office in Nairobi

Similar efforts are under way with priority initiatives in Tanzania, Brazil, Viet Nam, and Senegal.

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60 UN entities

The common back-office in Nairobi is serviced by UNON together with UNICEF and WFP, and offers 101 services to over 3,500 staff from more than 60 UN entities

Common premises were completed in 8 countries in 2023 and 43 are in the works

Common premises were completed in Tanzania, Iraq, Morocco, Colombia, Bolivia, Mali, Ethiopia, and Antigua and Barbuda.

    The largest common premise in the works

    The largest common premise in the works is in Egypt, hosting 2700 staff from 36 UN entities


    The closest common premise to completion

    The closest common premise to completion is in Senegal, bringing together 34 UN entities and a total of 1800 staff


    UN country team savings agreed in Business Operations Strategies have continued to increase

    UN country team savings originated mostly from travel management, common premises, internet connectivity, and satellite communication services.

    High-impact services, such as renewable energy use and gender-responsive procurement, continue adding value to day-to-day operations

    Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Indonesia are exemplary models of progress in fostering disability inclusion and enhancing accessibility. 

    The report's resource page can be found here, and the glossary here.

    To learn about the Resident Coordinator system and the Development Coordination Office visit: un-dco.org.