Funding for the Resident Coordinator system remains insufficient

Against the backdrop of the drastic funding gap in 2022 of US$85 million, DCO supported the Secretary-General and the Deputy Secretary-General as UNSDG Chair, as they ramped up resource mobilization efforts in 2023

As part of this effort, DCO provided support to analytical and awareness-raising engagement with Member States to ensure a deeper understanding of the Resident Coordinator system value addition and the risks posed by funding shortages.

A number of donors increased their contributions for 2023 and a few donors advanced the disbursement of their contributions.

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US$90 million

Voluntary contributions for the RC system totaled approximately US$90 million at the end of 2023


29 countries made voluntary commitments in 2023, up from 27 in 2022 


Nine multi-annual agreements ran through 2023, with two concluding at the end of the year


Seven multi-annual agreements continue into 2024

Yet, total funding for the RC system reached only US$227 million at the end of 2023, much lower than the budgeted US$281million that enables a fully resourced Resident Coordinator system to operate.

  • The UNSDG cost-sharing provided the usual expected total of US$77.5million, with UNSDG entities paying in full. 
  • Revenues from the 1% coordination levy reached US$ 60million in 2023. 

Resource requirements and revenue for the Resident Coordinator system

Source: DCO, March 2024

DCO had to continue enacting cost-control measures in 2023, seeking to minimize the impact of the funding shortfall on field operations and core staffing capacity

These measures included:

  • Temporary freezing of select vacancies 
  • Reductions in provisional consultancies and short term thematic contracting of capacities 
  • Cutbacks in DCO regional teams support to Resident Coordinator’s offices
  • Downsizing of the country-level Coordination Fund
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The Resident Coordinator system remains on fragile footing and requires financial stability to continue to perform at scale and respond to Member State expectations

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The investment in the Resident Coordinator system amounts to about 0.5% of the 2022 US$54.5 billion in operational activities for development

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