The image shows the title of the Inclusive HR Services Practice Note, an icon for Inclusive HR in a red circle and the logo of UNSDG and UNDIS.
abril 2021
Business Operations Strategy
Administration Services (Common Services)

Disability Inclusion Practice Note-Inclusive HR Servcies for BOS

The Inclusive HR Common Services Practice Note's main objective is to support UNCTs attract, engage, and recruit persons with disabilities across UN operations. Other objectives include ensuring:  

• The UN is a welcoming place of employment for persons with disability (e.g., culture, knowledge, and language),   

• The UN takes steps to actively identify and recruit persons with disability (e.g., partnering with specialised recruitment firms and holding job fairs),   

• Persons with disability understand the opportunities to work for the UN and how to apply (e.g., providing specialised support and training to potential applicants, for example on writing a CV or interviewing)  

• The processes and procedures are in place to appropriately onboard employees with disabilities (e.g. reasonable accommodation policy and procedures are in place).   

This Practice Note includes a detailed description of each common service under Inclusive HR, their benefits, possible challenges, and additional resources and steps for implementation.