Cover of the Practice Note, title: BOS Practice Notes, Green Energy Solar Solutions by UNDP
avril 2021
Business Operations Strategy
Administration Services (Common Services)
Facility Services



The Green Energy Team from the Information Technology Management (ITM) (UNDP) in Copenhagen supports this common service and Practice Note on Solar Solutions for business operations through the framework of the Business Operations Strategy (BOS)  

This document offers guidance on implementing solar solutions common services through the Green Energy Team's 7-Step Process. The Green Energy Solar Solutions include:    

1. Solar Street Lights: To harness renewable resources to increase a specific area's security, providing autonomy of at least two consecutive nights when fully charged.  

2. Solar Water Pumps: Ensures universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water by replacing non-renewable power sources.  

3. Solar Home Kits for Staff and Field Missions: This product is a small solar power system with a battery made available to power primary office equipment for working-from-home for staff in distinct locations who struggle to keep a good workflow due to continuous power supply interruptions.