Cover shows the title "COVID-19 and Human Rights We are all in this together" against a solid blue background with the UN emblem on the lower left side.
April 2020
Human Rights

COVID-19 and Human Rights: We are all in this together

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Human rights are key in shaping the pandemic response, both for the public health emergency and the broader impact on people’s lives and livelihoods. Human rights put people centre-stage. Responses that are shaped by and respect human rights result in better outcomes in beating the pandemic, ensuring healthcare for everyone and preserving human dignity. But they also focus our attention
on who is suffering most, why, and what can be done about it. They prepare the ground now for emerging from this crisis with more equitable and sustainable societies, development and peace.

In his recent Call to Action for Human Rights to put human rights at the heart of UN actions, including in times of crisis.

This paper aims to translate this Call into concrete action to assist with the response to the pandemic. It presents six key messages that must be central to an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic.