The image shows the Title of the Presentation: High-Impact Common Services, Green & Sustainable Energy Solutions. On the top right corner is the UNSDG logo and on the bottom two thirds of the document there are decorative circles of alternating SDG colors.
January 2021
Facility Services
Information Technology

Green-Energy Solutions

These are the presentation slides from a Webinar on January 28th, 2021 presented by DCO Country Business Strategy and the Information Technology and Management (ITM) team from UNDP Copenhagen. 

DCO is collaborating with the Green Energy team to offer UN Country Teams (UNCTs) a portfolio of renewable energy solutions, creating an end-to-end process for solar solutions implementation for UN-wide adoption.

Implementing the Green Energy services and products in the Business Operations Strategy will result in numerous benefits: 

  1. Increased cost avoidances from energy usage 

  1. Increased energy reliability and safety 

  1. Increased response capacity in disaster risk by providing self-reliant power sources 

  1. Reduction in CO2 emissions,  

  1. Reduction in UNCT's carbon footprint 

  1. Contributing to the 2030 Agenda, particularly SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy; SDG: 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities; SDG 13: Climate Action 

There are Related Practice Notes for more information on how to implement each solution.