October 2015
Human Rights

Guidance note on human rights due diligence policy on UN support to non-United Nations security forces

This 2015 inter-agency guidance note was developed to support implementation of the Human Rights Due Diligence Policy (HRDDP) across departments, agencies, funds and programmes, building on experience on the application of the HRDDP in different countries and contexts.  The text of the policy, which is mandatory, is attached to the note.  The guidance note should be read in conjunction with the policy and provides clarification on some aspects of the policy, a suggested framework for implementation at country level suited to various settings (covering: communication of the policy, risk assessment and mitigating measures, a monitoring framework, and procedures for intervention when grave violations are committed), as well as examples and templates. For more information on ensuring the UN is exercising due diligence, refer to the Guidance Note on Human Rights for Resident Coordinators and Country Teams.