Cover shows the title "Policy Brief: COVID-19 and People on the Move" against a solid blue background with the UN emblem on the lower left side.
June 2020

Policy Brief: COVID-19 and People on the Move

COVID-19 leaves few lives and places untouched. But its impact is harshest for those groups who were already in vulnerable situations before the crisis. This is particularly true for many people on the move, such as migrants in irregular situations, migrant workers with precarious livelihoods, or working in the informal economy, victims of trafficking in persons as well as people fleeing their homes because of persecution, war, violence, human rights violations or disaster, whether within their own countries — internally displaced persons (IDPs) — or across international borders — refugees and asylum-seekers.

The disproportionate impact of the COVID- 19 pandemic on people on the move presents itself as three interlocking crises, exacerbating existing vulnerabilities.