The image shows the Humanitarian Booking Hub and UN Common Mobility & Carpooling Platform . On the left side there are SDG colored squares and on the right there is an image of a white SUV vehicle with a UN logo on the back.
January 2021
Administration Services (Common Services)
Digital Services

UN Common Mobility & Carpooling Platform for the Business Operations Strategy (BOS)-By WFP's Humanitarian Booking Hub

This Practice Note provides information on UN Common Mobility & Passenger Services, an innovative digital platform for the global operations of United Nations Operational Management Teams (OMTs) and Country Teams (UNCTs) within the Business Operations Strategy (BOS) framework. The Humanitarian Booking Hub is a UN proprietary online platform powered by WFP. It allows staff and managers to book passenger trips and run carpooling services to optimise in-field operations and fleet handling. It standardises business processes, automates request tracking, and improves service delivery through real-time monitoring of customer satisfaction. At the same time, it promotes synergies and efficiency gains. It is truly a UN solution for the UN, designed in accordance with the Mutual Recognition, Costing, and Customer Satisfaction principles.