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The United Nations in Guatemala 

Right from the start, the United Nations and Guatemala have had a very close relationship; Guatemala is one of the 51 states that founded the UN. Since then, the United Nations family in Guatemala has collaborated with the Guatemalan State civil society organizations and other organized sectors, to achieve sustainable development and national peace. Today there are 20 agencies, funds, programmes, and specialized organizations that work together, as a country team, to accompany the national efforts to leave no one behind. 


  1. Inclusive and sustainable development. The team helped to update the municipal development plans, including economic opportunities initiatives and implementing productive chains. 
  2. Social development. Communication efforts in the community helped raise women’s awareness of the importance of the 1,000-day window's interventions, including exclusive breastfeeding and the need to work on complementary feeding. 
  3. Safe and violence-free society.  The team supported in the design of Municipal Policies and Plans for the Integral Development of Women during their Life Cycle. 
  4. Justice for all people.  The team helped strengthen the capacities of prosecutors at the Public Ministry on different matters such as due diligence and protocols, comprehensive nationwide care for survivors and witnesses (with targeted approaches by type of crime, age status, gender, sex, disability, diversity sexual and cultural and territorial relevance). 
  5. Multicultural and diverse society. The team strengthened the capacities of indigenous organizations, institutions, and authorities to address agrarian and social conflict in the forestry and forestry sector, within which dialogues and alliances were held with the Inter-institutional Commission Ixil, made up of nine organizations. 
  6. Attention to migrants. We provided strong support to civil society, activating the relevant clusters, particularly the protection cluster. As a result, humanitarian assistance, protection, and human rights were ensured. 

To learn more, visit: https://guatemala.un.org/

Data about the work of the UN Country Team on COVID-19 is available on their Country Dashboard

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