Costa Rica

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The United Nations in Costa Rica 

Our commitment is to people and the human face of sustainable development. 

Our commitment is with the values of the Charter of the United Nations (Costa Rica is one of the founding countries) and with the implementation of Human Rights based on its Universal Declaration, which establishes that we are all born free and equal in dignity and rights. 

As the United Nations in Costa Rica, we accompany the local and national Government , the private sector, trade union organizations, civil society organizations, and academia to implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Through the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), we support Costa Rica—a country internationally recognized for its vocation of peace, human rights, democracy, and sustainable development—to identify and face its challenges and gaps to achieve of sustainable development. 

Our work focuses on supporting dialogue and national agreements to fulfill the SDGs, institutional efficiency, and the fulfillment of rights for all individuals and groups in society. And to do better this year, the United Nations system is implementing a reform process that focuses on strengthening joint actions in support of national priorities. 


  1. Positioning and implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Following up on the support received for being the first country in the world to sign an intersectoral National Pact in 2016, the development of governance, monitoring and implementation focused on the 2030 Agenda has been accompanied by different governmental and non-governmental sectors. In 2020, Costa Rica will implement the SDG Fund on social protection to eradicate poverty and women and their families. 
  2. Environmental development and vision of a decarbonized economy. The United Nations has supported the country's historical vision in terms of the environment, energy, and adaptation to climate change, through actions related to environmental conservation practices, such as reforestation, the defense of protected areas such as national parks and biological reserves, water and sanitation, electric mobility, change to a decarbonized economy. In 2019, the United Nations invested about 1,886,692,200 colones for these actions.   
  3. Promotion of Human Rights. The UN has supported actions to sensitize the population about the adoption of equal marriage, also contributed to the national strategy for the insertion of people with disabilities and the elimination of child labour, dialogue processes, such as the development and implementation of the first Dialogue mechanism with indigenous peoples, processes for the construction of public policies for historically excluded populations.  
  4. Promotion of gender equality. The joint action of the Costa Rican State, civil society, the private sector, and other groups, with the UN's accompaniment, has supported the reduction of femicides by nearly 50% in the last year. Also, with the UN's support, Costa Rica has recently achieved the most important historic reduction in the percentage of pregnancies in girls and adolescents (from 19.4% in 2012 to 14.7% in 2017). 
  5. Support for the migratory and humanitarian response. Support for mixed migratory flows and a coordinated and strategic national response, such as support for the humanitarian response in light of the increase in refugee applicants from Nicaragua, after April 2018, and the development of an Immediate Response Plan  for this population in critical care areas. 
  6. Resources for development. In the last year, the UN executed more than 23 billion colones to support the SDGs' fulfillment, improve Costa Rican institutions' efficiency, and strengthen all people's human rights with particular attention to excluded groups not to leave anyone behind.   
  7. Public infrastructure. The United Nations has supported the strengthening and improvement of Costa Rica's public infrastructure. Through 11 key and national priority works such as bridges, overpasses, and highways, many of them with decades of waiting, the organization has supported the Costa Rican State in the modernization of critical works to strengthen public mobility, competitiveness, productivity, and road safety of the country with a vision of sustainable development. For this, the UN is supporting the investment of more than 114 billion colones.   

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