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The United Nations in Honduras

Honduras was one of the signatory countries of the United Nations charter in 1945, the year of its foundation. The UN in Honduras focuses its work on three pillars: 1) contributing to peace and security, 2) reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development, 3) promoting human rights. This mission has evolved over time, adapting to the problems facing humanity in the 21st century, such as gender equality, humanitarian emergencies and health, terrorism, climate change and food production, among other issues.

To learn more visit: https://honduras.un.org/

Data about the work of the UN Country Team on COVID-19 is available on their Country Dashboard

UN Country Team

Resident Coordinator Office

UN Entities in the Country


Jorge Peraza Breedy

Representative for El Salvador, Honduras y Guatemala

UN Key Documents

UNDAF/United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (CP)

UNDAF/CF Start Date
Start of new CF cycle