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The United Nations in Togo

Since Togo joined the United Nations in 1960, it has been supported by the Organization through its resident and non-resident entities (FAO, IOM, ILO, WHO, UNIDO, UNAIDS, WFP, UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNREC). 

Since 2006, with the support of the UN system and international partners, Togo has been investing massively in institutional reforms aimed at providing the country with the structures necessary for its sustainable development. 

With the adoption of the "Delivering as One" approach, the country reaffirms its commitment to working jointly with development partners to revitalize its economy and industry, improve access to quality basic social services, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. 

Key Achievements 

  1. Improved food security, resilience of communities to climate changes, and access to employment for young people and women. 
  2. More equitable access to quality basic social services for people, especially the most vulnerable. 
  3. Strengthened institutional capacities, modernization of the State, consolidation of peace, democracy and the promotion of human rights. 
  4. Increased contraceptive prevalence and reduced maternal mortality. 
  5. Improved access to universal health coverage. 
  6. Reduced HIV prevalence rate. 

To learn more visit: https://togo.un.org/.         

Data about the work of the UN Country Team on COVID-19 is available on their Country Dashboard.

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