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A big group of people was sitting on the ground under a tree during a gathering between members of the Yukpa indigenous community and representatives of the UN team in Venezuela, in Zulia, Venezuela.
Photo: © OCHA Venezuela / Elena Ruiz Labrador

    The United Nations in Venezuela 

    In the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the United Nations System is committed to responding to the needs of the most vulnerable people, advocating for more development, promoting human rights and accompanying the political process.

    To advance towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN works throughout the country, together with public entities, civil society organizations, the private sector, donors and communities, integrating the pillars of Humanitarian Action, Development and Peace, framed in the following programmatic instruments:

    In 2021, the UN team worked in 332 municipalities, reaching 4.5 million people, who, among other benefits, now have improved access to health, water and sanitation services and diversified nutrition. Support was also provided for the safe return to schools and the strengthening of protection services.

    The complementarity of humanitarian response and sustainable development has been the main focus of UN action in Venezuela. Reinforcing access to essential goods and services improves critical infrastructure systems and mechanisms so people can exercise their rights. Ultimately it strengthens the path to the SDGs.

    Leaving no one behind, as a premise for the fulfilment of the 2030 Agenda, inspires us to remain focused on the needs of the people above any political interest and to build and reach agreements towards sustainable recovery and development.

    The United Nations System in Venezuela is represented by 22 resident and non-resident entities, led by a Resident Coordinator who seeks to drive the process of joint programming and operational matters, creating synergy between the mandates of each entity and national priorities.

    Areas of cooperation 

    1. Sustainable Development and Poverty: We contributed to the implementation of public policies aimed at reducing poverty, promoting social inclusion and equality, developing socio-productive projects, and preserving conservation and sustainable use of natural resources with a human-centric approach.   
    2. Education: We helped to strengthen the quality and importance of the Bolivarian Educational System, with a focus on human rights, gender and intercultural exchange. 
    3. Food and Nutrition Sovereignty and Security: Contributions were made to the implementation of public policies in areas related to ​​food and nutritional sovereignty and security. We aimed to diversify production, to strengthen the population's livelihoods and access to nutritional food, considering the specific needs of the Venezuelan people, especially the vulnerable populations. 
    4. Health: Contribute to building up the capacities of the National Public Health System to implement public policies with an emphasis on vulnerable populations, such as women, children, adolescents and youth; prevention, treat and monitoring of HIV/AIDS, control of sexually transmitted infections and transmittable diseases, and Chronic Non-communicable Diseases. 
    5. Citizen Safety and Culture of Peace: We contributed to implementing public policies on safety and access to justice that secure citizens’ human rights, as well as reduce crime and delinquency. We also support implementing comprehensive policies to build the culture of peace, centred on solidarity and well-being for all. 
    6. Environment, Energy and Risk Management: We fostered public policies aimed at the conservation and sustainable management of natural ecosystems and efficient environmental management in urban and rural areas, comprehensive risk management, efficient and diversified use and energy production. 

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