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March 2021
UN Country Team
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Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development 2017-2021: Progress Report 2020



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In this report, the Joint Executive Committee of the Government of Albania and the United Nations in Albania present the Annual Progress Report of the fourth year of their Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development (PoCSD) 2017–2021. This penultimate year of implementation and reporting on the PoCSD provides an occasion to reflect on the achievements made, recognise challenges and identify future programmes that will improve Albania’s post- earthquake and Covid-19 derailed development.

The year 2020 was a significant one for Albania and the United Nations. The country celebrated its 65th anniversary of membership to the organisation and, supported by the UN in Albania, improved living conditions for poor and vulnerable people in the country, strengthened equitable and quality service delivery, improved environmental protection and enhanced alignment of Albania’s efforts with the 2030 Agenda. Joint efforts were particularly vested to respond to the needs that arose from both the earthquake and the Covid-19 crisis, supporting the most vulnerable communities in solidarity and leadership for coordinated, multi-lateral action with government and other partners. Much more remains to be done given the unprecedented nature of these crisis, and the risk they pose, both to human life at the present, and to development and the achievement of SDGs, and for years to come.