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Global Initiatives

At the global level, the UN Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG) serves as a high-level forum for joint policy formation and decision-making. It guides, supports, tracks and oversees the implementation of development activities in 162 countries and territories.

Full information on the activities, resources and results of UN country team is available on the UNSDG data portal. These are reported by UN country teams through the UNSDG’s main data systems—UN INFO—which digitizes the UN Country Teams’ Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks (previously UN Development Assistance Frameworks). The UNSDG data portal, thanks to UN INFO, provides crucial information, enhancing accountability and transparency for results. 

Regional Teams

At the regional level, the Regional Collaborative Platforms (RCP) unite all UN entities working on sustainable development to ensure full coordination of UN regional assets in addressing key challenges that transcend country borders and effectively pool expertise at the service of the specific needs of each country in the region.

The RCPs are chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General and co-chaired by two Vice-Chairs from the Regional Economic Commissions and the United Nations Development Programme.