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Photo: © Tom Perry/World Bank

Communicating together

In its landmark resolution 72/279, the General Assembly decided to fundamentally transform the United Nations development system to better respond to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including through joint advocacy, shared communications and full accountability and transparency of results. 

Today, with a stronger integrated approach, the UN Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG) is boosting national efforts to advance the 2030 Agenda and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a stronger, more unified voice. Working with the Department of Global Communications, the Development Coordination Office and UNSDG members agreed on a set of guidelines to boost the role of strategic communications and advocacy on the ground for increased impact tackling multiple challenges countries are facing. Communicating together and advocating for the SDGs amplifies the power of the UN message worldwide.

Innovative tools and platforms have been established to ensure full visibility on the work and the results achieved in countries by UN agencies, funds and programmes working together. 

  • UN INFO allows to easily access and visualize information and data in the UNSDG Data Portal on the work of the UN development system in countries, including disaggregated by SDGs, locations, partners and financial resources. 
  • All UN country teams have a website, many of them in the local language, dedicated to country-specific communications and initiatives. 
  • The UNSDG website, available in all UN official languages, offers a global outlook and entry point to activities and resources of the UN development system. 
  • The Development Coordination Office website provides easy access to the Resident Coordinator system and clear visibility of development coordination results.

UN country teams also produce an annual UN Country Results Report to account to national Governments, as well as local partners, donors, civil society and all the people we serve, for progress and results in advancing the implementation of Cooperation Frameworks – the roadmap agreed between the UN development system and the national Government on the UN work in countries. The reports of the Regional Collaborative Platforms illustrate for the first time the collective work and system-wide achievements of the UN entities in different regions. The report of the Chair of the UNSDG provides, also for the first time, a clear account to all UN Member States and the public on sustainable development results achieved collectively by the UN development system, under the reinvigorated leadership of the Resident Coordinator system and the support of the Development Coordination Office.

Through the use of comprehensive messaging, innovative platforms, results reporting, communications technology and targeted outreach, the UNSDG makes a stronger case for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Development Coordination Office (DCO), which serves as the Secretariat of the Group, provides coordinated support for joint advocacy, evidenced-based communication, and accurate and robust reporting at the global, regional and country level.