Photo shows all the Resident Coordinators standing together facing the camera.

Strengthening the Resident Coordinator Leadership

Photo: © UN Photo/Mark Garten

DCO works to make sure that we have:

  • The right Resident Coordinator (RC) in the right place at the right time. RCs are recognized SDG leaders whose profile fit the country they serve in. 

  • RCs who look like the world. RCs are diverse in terms of gender, geographic origin and language, and bring to bear experience and expertise from a variety of backgrounds: various UN entities, government, civil society, the private sector.  

  • High-performing RCs. RCs live up to expectations. RC List 

Check out some statistics on Resident Coordinators and the distribution of Resident Coordinators nationalities.

on the left, a person dressed in traditional clothe is receiving a bag on rice from the RC who is on the right, in African clothe.
Caption: The UN RC in Eswatini handing-over agriculture inputs for child-headed households to the Deputy Prime Minister's Office, represented by the Hon. Minister of Agriculture
Photo: © Twitter/UN Eswatini

To achieve our objectives, we work in four main areas: 

  • Talent Management: In partnership with OCHA, we are building a broad and deep pipeline of diverse candidates for RC and RC/HC positions: the RC/HC Talent Pipeline. At this moment it is not possible to apply to the RC/HC Talent Pipeline. The next call for expressions of interest will be launched in 2022.

  • Selection: We support the selection system for RCs. The current system is under review; we will post up-to-date information on what the new system looks like as soon as it is approved.

  • Leadership development: We want current and future RCs to be the best possible leaders. To achieve that, we provide them with individualized and just-in-time opportunities to learn, for instance through mentors, coaches, and peer exchanges. To make sure that UN Country Teams (UNCT) become more collaborative and innovative, we will be supporting them in running SDG Leadership Labs in collaboration with MIT’s Presencing Institute. A recent summary of leadership development activities for RCs, with their feedback is available. 

  • Performance management: RCs are managed and supported on a daily basis by the DCO Regional Directors. We are working on a new system to manage RCs' performance and support the annual performance appraisal process. In the meantime, we have set up a system to allow UNCT members to provide feedback on RCs’ behaviours and we have made sure that RCs can appraise UNCT members on their contribution to joint UNCT results.