Woman with face mask sits with a bag behind the title in Spanish.
February 2021

Pan American Health Organization in Action: Panama's integrated and collaborative response to COVID-19



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Faced with the pandemic, the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) in Panama has prepared this document to collect and condense the main actions and lessons learned from the national response and the technical cooperation strategies deployed during the first pandemic year in Panama.

It outlines the collaborative and integrated response in Panama to COVID-19, by synthesizing the preparedness and response actions, lessons learned, and challenges associated with adopting the global agenda of health and well-being for all.

This document analyzes the structural and cyclical factors that limit or undermine the sustained development of transformative actions. It also invites us to consider different stakeholders across different sectors and key social actors, to move forward together, with determination, towards constructing a Comprehensive and Universal Health System.