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The United Nations in Cuba 

The United Nations system in Cuba, under the leadership of the Resident Coordinator, supports the country in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its SDGs, integrated into the national priorities of the National Economic and Social Development Plan (PNDES, for its Spanish acronym), until 2030. It works with a broad set of national and local actors; and it has the support of other international cooperation partners, channeling knowledge, experiences, and technical and financial resources to the country for key development issues. 

A new United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework will be implemented for 2020 to 2024. This is aligned to four axes of the PNDES, including four strategic areas:  

  1. Effective Government, which will address the territorial development, the statistical system, and social participation as part of its effects/products.  
  2. Productive Transformation will work on production chains, agri-food systems, quality employment, financing for development, and sustainable energy.  
  3. Natural Resources and Environment will focus on natural resources, ecosystem and environmental quality, climate change, and disaster risk management.  
  4. Human Development with equity, will consider among its priorities: social services, social protection and care systems, food access and consumption, monitoring of food and nutritional security; and adequate habitat. 


  1. Support social and cultural services with quality and sustainability, from an intergenerational, territorial, and gender equality approach. 
  2. Monitoring of plans and actions for environmental sustainability and mitigation and adaptation to climate change, mainly in the agricultural sector and in vulnerable communities in coastal areas. 
  3. Strengthening risk management in disaster situations, fostering the delivery of a rapid response to emergencies, and prevention, preparation, and safe recovery, as well as community resilience. 
  4. Promotion of local development, based on strengthening endogenous capacities in municipalities, and the management of socio-economic and cultural development by governments and other local actors.
  5. Support to increase food and nutritional security, strengthening the intersectoral management of value chains within local food systems, increasing the production and consumption of appropriate foods. 
  6. Accompanying the nation's energy development, promoting the use of renewable energy sources in pilot projects, and, in general, a vision of energy sustainability in key communities and sectors. 

To learn more, visit: https://cuba.un.org.  

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