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The United Nations in Lesotho

Lesotho has been a member of the United Nations since she gained her independence in 1966. Since then, the United Nations in Lesotho has been an impartial and trusted partner in Lesotho, supporting the Government of Lesotho comprised of eight resident and eighteen non-resident UN agencies. The Resident Coordinator leads the UN Country Team (UNCT) and ensures that the UN agencies support the national development priorities in three strategic priorities.


  1. Accountable Governance, Effective Institutions, Social Cohesion and Inclusion
  2. Sustainable Capital Development
  3. Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Growth for Poverty Reduction

To learn more visit: https://lesotho.un.org/

Data about the work of the UN Country Team on COVID-19 is available on their Country Dashboard

UN Country Team

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UNDAF/United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (CP)

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