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    The United Nations in Mongolia

    Mongolia joined the United Nations in 1961. Over the past 5 decades, the relationship between the UN and Mongolia has matured into a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. The UN in Mongolia consists of 11 agencies that contribute to development across various sectors from democratic governance and human rights, to socio-economic development, climate change adaptation, and protecting the environment. The One UN team supports the country in achieving the SDGs by 2030. Mongolia is an active member of the UN, and contributes more UN peacekeepers per capita than any other country in the world.


    1. In the 30 years after its democratic transition, Mongolia has developed into a stable democracy with a market based economy, free media, genuine political competition and respect for human rights. 
    2. Mongolia ascended to upper-middle income country status with a growth rate stabilizing at 6.5% in 2018. Mongolia has achieved a “high” human development category.
    3. Mongolia has made progress in achieving gender balance in education, employment and political participation. The gender development increased from 0.677 in 2005 to 1.028 in 2014.
    4. Mongolia presented its first VNR in July 2019 at the UN High Level Political Forum on SDGs. The report identified a model of multi-sector response solutions to the inter-linked social, economic and environmental problems based on a sample of air-pollution. 
    5. For a nation of just over 3 million people, Mongolia has made extraordinary contributions to global peace and stability. 
    6. Since 2002, Mongolia has deployed more than 14,000 troops to UN peacekeeping forces in some of the most difficult conflict zones, such as Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Western Sahara.

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