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The United Nations in Mozambique 

The United Nations is present in Mozambique through 22 specialized agencies, funds, and programmes that support the Government and civil society in transforming the country into a better place for all (since 1975, when Mozambique became independent). We have been working for more than 40 years on health, work, economic growth, education, culture, and the protection of all, including children, refugees, migrants, displaced people, and the environment. Fighting AIDS, malnutrition, crime, and corruption, we work in all provinces from Rovuma to Maputo. 


  1. With the support of the UN and its partners, Mozambique has halved the number of people in need of food and nutrition assistance over two decades (1995 to 2015) from 61% to 24%. 
  2. Now, Mozambique is a country with no mines. A total of 171.000 mines have been removed from the country with the UN and its partners' support.  
  3. With the UN and its partners' support, Mozambique completed four general population censuses (following international quality standards), one every ten years since 1975.  
  4. With the UN and its partners' support, Mozambique increased the coverage of pregnant women living with HIV +, who received antiretroviral treatment (ART) to prevent vertical transmission, which went from 0% in 2002 to 99% in  2019.  
  5. We support Mozambique respond to humanitarian emergencies. Since 2013, more than 5 million Mozambicans have received direct assistance.  
  6. Women and girls' rights are now protected by at least 11 national laws, such as the Law on Domestic Violence against Women and the Law against Premature Unions. 

For more information, visit: https://mozambique.un.org/.

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